Converts Between R Objects and Simple Feature Objects

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Documentation for package ‘sfheaders’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

sfc_cast sfc cast
sfc_linestring sfc LINESTRING
sfc_multilinestring sfc MULTILINESTRING
sfc_multipoint sfc MULTIPOINT
sfc_multipolygon sfc MULTIPOLYGON
sfc_point sfc POINT
sfc_polygon sfc POLYGON
sfc_to_df sfc to df
sfg_linestring sfg linestring
sfg_multilinestring sfg multilinestring
sfg_multipoint sfg multipoint
sfg_multipolygon sfg multipolygon
sfg_point sfg point
sfg_polygon sfg polygon
sfg_to_df sfg to df
sf_bbox sf bbox
sf_boxes sf boxes
sf_cast sf cast
sf_line Helper for sf LINESTRING
sf_linestring sf LINESTRING
sf_mline Helper for sf MULTILINESTRING
sf_mpoly Helper for sf MULTIPOLYGON
sf_mpt Helper for sf MULTIPOINT
sf_multilinestring sf MULTILINESTRING
sf_multipoint sf MULTIPOINT
sf_multipolygon sf MULTIPOLYGON
sf_point sf POINT
sf_poly Helper for sf POLYGON
sf_polygon sf POLYGON
sf_pt Helper for sf POINT
sf_remove_holes remove holes
sf_to_df sf to df