Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting

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Documentation for package ‘generics’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

as.difftime Time difference coercion
as.difftime.default Time difference coercion
as.factor Factor coercion
as.ordered Factor coercion
augment Augment data with information from an object
calculate Calculate statistics.
coercion-factor Factor coercion
coercion-time-difference Time difference coercion
compile Configure an object
components Extract components
equation Model equations
estfun Extracting the estimating functions of a fitted model.
evaluate Evaluate an object.
explain Explain details of an object
fit Estimate model parameters.
fit_xy Estimate model parameters.
generate Generate values based on inputs
glance Glance at an object
hypothesize Construct hypotheses.
interpolate Interpolate missing values
intersect Set operations
is.element Set operations
learn Estimate model parameters.
min_grid Determine the minimum set of model fits
prune Prune or reduce an object
refit Refitting models
required_pkgs Determine packages required by objects
setdiff Set operations
setequal Set operations
setops Set operations
specify Specify variables or other quantities.
tidy Turn an object into a tidy tibble
train Estimate model parameters.
tunable Declare tunable parameters
union Set operations
varying_args Find any arguments that are not fully specified.
var_imp Calculation of variable importance
visualize Visualize a data set or object.