Coloured Formatting for Columns

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Documentation for package ‘pillar’ version 1.5.1

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pillar-package pillar: Coloured Formatting for Columns
align Alignment helper
ctl_new_compound_pillar Customize your tibble subclass
ctl_new_pillar Customize your tibble subclass
dim_desc Format dimensions
format.pillar_shaft Column data
format.tbl Formatting of tbl objects
format_glimpse Format a vector for horizontal printing
format_tbl Formatting of tbl objects
format_type_sum Format a type summary
format_type_sum.default Format a type summary
get_extent Calculate display width
get_max_extent Calculate display width
glimpse Get a glimpse of your data
new_ornament Helper to define the contents of a pillar
new_pillar Construct a custom pillar object
new_pillar_component Components of a pillar
new_pillar_shaft Constructor for column data
new_pillar_shaft_simple Constructor for column data
new_pillar_title Prepare a column title for formatting
new_pillar_type Prepare a column type for formatting
pillar Object for formatting a vector suitable for tabular display
pillar_component Components of a pillar
pillar_shaft Column data
pillar_shaft.AsIs Column data
pillar_shaft.character Column data
pillar_shaft.Date Column data
pillar_shaft.default Column data
pillar_shaft.factor Column data
pillar_shaft.list Column data
pillar_shaft.logical Column data
pillar_shaft.numeric Column data
pillar_shaft.pillar_vertical Column data
pillar_shaft.POSIXt Column data
print.pillar_shaft Column data
print.tbl Formatting of tbl objects
style_bold Styling helpers
style_na Styling helpers
style_neg Styling helpers
style_num Styling helpers
style_subtle Styling helpers
style_subtle_num Styling helpers
tbl_format_body Format the body of a tibble
tbl_format_footer Format the footer of a tibble
tbl_format_header Format the header of a tibble
tbl_format_setup Set up formatting
tbl_format_setup.tbl Set up formatting
tbl_sum Provide a succinct summary of an object