20,000 track & field athletes graduate from college each year. A handful will sign a shoe contract, and a few dozen others will continue chasing their national championship or Olympic dreams.

We're looking for all the rest.

What is this? What are you asking me to be part of?

NALathletics is a European-style "pyramid" of leagues, starting with local & regional leagues and growing to national leagues. If you know what the FA Cup is, you know exactly what we're talking about. If not, think of minor league baseball in the US, from summer ball and the Grapefruit leagues through Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A.

Athletics stadium
Texas throws

"League" means "teams," right?

Right. Real league, real teams.

Not training groups or enclaves, not fitness games or event clinics. Not a loose circuit calling itself a league. Train as a team, compete as a team. Rep the community. Wear your colors.

Matches are team vs. team, so you won't be sending a few jumpers here, a few jumpers over there with the throwers and the runners going somewhere else altogether. Go for the win and fight for the league title. Our format and structure makes athletics matches (not "track meets") and the league seasons crisp, organized and enjoyable for you and the fans.

What are the entry standards?

Resting Heart Rate > 0.
Seriously. Remember the pyramid. From beer leagues to regional semi-pro leagues, whatever your ability and ambition, there's a team for you. Any jump, any throw, any running event 1 mile or shorter.

Javelin runway
Houston track

Is there some gimmick with all this talk of teams, leagues and matches?

No. Shot put means shot put. Long jump means long jump. Our 400m hurdles are the same spacing and same height as any other 400m hurdles. The events are the same. Not every match will have every event, but the events are what makes athletics, athletics.

Our competitive format is different in the scoring, which emphasizes the team above the individual athletes and enables a team-and-league structure.

The format and structure go hand-in-hand with our business model; and our brand is based on putting as much distance as possible between us and traditional track & field, so we can take our place with all the other successful sports out there.

How much will athletes get paid?

How much do you or your friends get paid for playing in their soccer, hockey, baseball, 3-on-3 basketball or volleyball leagues? Really, they have to pay to join those leagues, to cover things like facility rental, uniforms and insurance? Hm.

So WTH kind of question is it to ask how much our athletes will get paid? Yeah, we know, it's a T&F thing.

But one thing we have a strong record of is sponsorships. We'll do everything we can to keep costs as low as possible and provide as much good stuff (uniforms, gear, networking / professional opportunities) as we can, which will be more than 99.9% of T&F athletes in the US currently bring in (low bar, we know).

And for the semi-pro / regional players, within a couple years we'll have something to talk about. Until then - in fact, even then - please, don't quit your day job.

Javelin runway
Texas throws

Will there be coaches? Do you need coaches?

Early on, we're not guaranteeing "formal" coaches. We're definitely looking for coaches, and there are many career development possibilities for high school, college and independent coaches with NALathletics. We'd love to see some players step up as player-coaches, and we expect our players are experienced enough to lend an eye and some tips to their teammates as appropriate.

Still have questions? Maybe "How do I sign up?"

Send us an email.